Kaegbein / Vodosek / Zahn

Studies on research in reading and libraries

Approaches and results from several countries
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Preface -- I. Theoretical problems -- Methods in reading research / Escarpit, Robert -- Theoretical and methodological problems of research on reading habits. Remarks, proposals, postulates / Ankudowicz, Januaz -- Problems connected with the issue of reading competence. Perspectives of the reading public typology / Zielihski, Andrzej Robert -- The model of studies on the history of readership / Koatecki, Janusz -- II. General experiences at national level -- Books and mass media. Competition and interaction / Stelmach, Valeria -- Adult reading habits / Kling, Martin -- Changes in reading habits and library use in Hungary / Gereben, Ferenc -- The structure of Hungarian library users' literary experience / Balogh, Zoltán / Kamarás, István -- Reading in India. Issues for research / Agrawal, Surendra P. -- Some reading research in Australia in the 1980's / Reid-Smith, Edward R. -- The study of reading activity in the context of Australian libraries / Allen, Geoffrey G. / Exon, F. C. Andrew -- Sociologie de la lecture et des usages en bibliothèque. Quelques recherches récentes / Poulain, Martine -- Die Schriftreform in der Türkei und ihre kulturellen Folgen / Alpay, Meral -- III. Public library problems -- How constant are the readers? / Luckham, Bryan -- Libraries and communication. The library and book in relation to other media of communication / Usherwood, Robert C. -- Social structure, book reading and the function of public libraries. Effects of selectivity of social structure on the quality and quantity of book reading and the use of public libraries / Vakkari, Pertti -- Addresses of authors -- Backmatter
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