Kadtke / Bulsara

Applied Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochastic Systems Near the Millenium

1998. Buch. Hardcover
AIP Press ISBN 978-1-56396-736-8
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It is clear from current applications in signal processing, lasers, molecular motors, and the control of biomedical anomalies, that nonlinear dynamics pervades systems that we deal with every day. This work discusses nonlinear phenomena in random environments, with a view to their implementation in real devices and applications. In addition, it gives greater exposure to younger, promising researchers who seldom are able to speak at international meetings, while also providing several review talks by established individuals. The book emphasizes applications of nonlinear dynamical systems theory in fields as diverse as neuroscience and biomedical engineering, fluids, chaos control, nonlinear signal/image processing, stochastic resonance, devices, and nonlinear dynamics in socioeconomic systems. In particular, presentations were chosen which described methods being actively implemented to solve real problems.
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