Kadir / Löbbermann

Other Modernisms in an Age of Globalization

2002. Buch. X, 294 S. Hardcover
Carl Winter ISBN 978-3-8253-1306-7
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Both Modernism and Globalization are concepts that oscillate between homogenization and differentiation, each supplying totalizing platforms and sites of resistance. Cultural manifestations of difference and accommodation arise, producing their own specific temporalities in diverse practices of disparate Modernisms. Where Modernism and Globalization meet, the antithetical impulses within each serve as an intensifying dynamic for cultural contestation and discursive formations. The essays collected in this volume aim at the discrepant formations and multiple temporalities that issue from this dynamic yielding emphatic alterities in modes of cultural and literary production and material culture.

Discussed are, among others, the following aspects:
- Redefining Modernism - Modernity - Modernization
- Local Concepts and Temporalities of Modernism
- Global Transfers of Texts and Concepts
- Reading the Other in/of Modernism
- Places of Modernity in Literature and Film.
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