Jungmann / Schlombs / Trede

Shifting Paradigms in East Asian Visual Culture

A Festschrift in Honour of Lothar Ledderose
2012. Buch. 436 S. Hardcover
Dietrich Reimer ISBN 978-3-496-01440-9
Format (B x L): 17 x 24 cm
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The Festschrift contains eighteen essays on Chinese, Korean and Japanese art and archaeology by students of Lothar Ledderose. Through his multifaceted, comprehensive and innovative research he has profoundly shaped East Asian Art History as it is today. The geographical, temporal and thematic range of the volume reflects the changes undergone by the discipline in recent years. The contributions address, among others, questions concerning tomb architecture, Buddhist cave temples and stone inscriptions, and exhibition and art policy, undertake case studies of calligraphy, painting and textiles, and take up instances of transcultural inspiration in painting, the graphic arts and ceramics from China, Korea, Japan and Europe.

The authors: Yan Geng (Heidelberg) - Simone Grießmayer (Zürich) - Ahn Hehn-Chu (Heidelberg, Gießen) - Burglind Jungmann (Los Angeles) - Martina Köppel-Yang (Paris) - Uta Lauer (Stockholm) - Joohyun Lee (Seoul) - Lukas Nickel (London) - Yao Ning (Heidelberg, Frankfurt) - Petra Rösch (Köln) - Maria Roman (Madrid) - Adele Schlombs (Köln) - Clarissa von Spee (London) - Melanie Trede (Heidelberg) - Sueyling Tsai (Heidelberg) - Christian Unverzagt (Heidelberg) - Mio Wakita (Heidelberg) - Claudia Wenzel (Heidelberg)
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