2016. Buch. 72 S. Softcover
Publikat Verlag ISBN 978-3-939566-47-2
Format (B x L): 20.5 x 29.7 cm
Gewicht: 315 g
In englischer Sprache

The coloring book trend is skyrocketing and everyone is standing in line to draw inside the lines. Especially among adults, this creative activity has become increasingly popular and publishers as well as marker producers can hardly keep up with the demand. Joining this fascination, here is a new and special concept that will be like music to your ears. Skip through a playlist of some stunning illustrations of well-known '80s and other classic music tracks related to the jukebox cult - all sampled by the infamous Jukebox Cowboys with artworks by Flying Förtress, Heis, Kid Crap, Lugosis, Uptown Danny, Most, and many more! Across this 72-page-strong soft-cover book, they play the beat in black and white and you color the melody just as you like it. It's a visual playlist, ready to be arranged individually by the young and the old - have fun and make a hit out of every single song! How you fill the pages, is your choice - no matter whether you use colored pencils or, for an optimal result, some markers that blend nicely such as the stylefile marker. Finishing a piece feels like a high five from the featured artist, as the two of you just completed your personal, little collaboration. Nothing more to say: just grab your markers and LET THE MUSIC PLAY!

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