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Jolles / Jörnvall

Proteomics in Functional Genomics

Protein Structure Analysis

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2000. Buch. xiii, 236 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Birkhäuser. ISBN 978-3-7643-5885-3

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A wealth of information has accumulated over the last few years on the
human genome. The new insights have completely changed the focus of
protein analysis. It is no longer time-consuming analysis of unknown
products, but rather selective identifications of individual forms,
modifications and processings, and overall analysis of global protein
outputs from cells and tissues in health and disease.
This book gears to the rising need of sensitive, accurate, and fast
separation and identification techniques in proteomics. It discusses
current methodologies of modern protein analysis, from isolation and
sample preparation, over analysis and identification, to final
characterization. Several evaluations concentrate on the now productive
approaches of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry,
but alternative methods and further perspectives are also outlined. The
book includes an overlook over current databases to connect protein
analysis data with all available information,.


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