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Jarvis / Linnell

The Psychology Student's Survival Guide

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2012. Buch. 256 S. Softcover
wiley ISBN 978-1-4051-6741-3
In englischer Sprache
Finally, there is an indispensable guide for the student considering a career in psychology. The Psychology Student's Survival Guide focuses exclusively on the personal study skills and unique writing and research techniques required of psychology to help the beginning student prepare for a career in this increasingly popular field of study. In addition, the text provides a wealth of practical advice and psychology career pathways available to guide the student in making well-informed choices.

Speaking directly to the individual, The Psychology Student's Survival Guide dispenses with jargon as it addresses many of the key questions unique to psychological training with clarity and thoroughness. A collection of interactive exercises in Part 1 is designed to provide valuable personal insights to individual students to help them develop critical thinking skills necessary to enter - and navigate through - the various disciplines in the field of psychology. The text's second section then provides a historical overview of psychology and its key approaches and developments, followed by an introduction to some of the field's contemporary ideas and ongoing debates, and guidance on today's career pathways in psychology.

The Psychology Student's Survival Guide is a reader-friendly guide filled with real-world practical advice for students everywhere. It is an essential student companion for developing the critical thinking skills necessary for a career in psychology - and for life itself.
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