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Tailored Metal Catalysts

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1985. Buch. xii, 333 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 9789027718662

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Catalysis by Metal Complexes; 7


Well tailored metal catalysts are catalysts of the new generation resulting from scientific development at the boundary between homogeneous and hetero­ geneous chemistry. The main factors involved in making tailored metal catalysts are not those of traditional impregnation in which the chemistry is in general unknown and ill-defined, or of simple ion exchange which involves long-range forces with little control on the local structure through definite and special bond direction. Tailored Metal Catalysts thus has a rather different emphasis from normal review publications in the field of catalysis. Here we concentrate more on the distinct surface chemistry and catalytic properties of important established materials with well-characterized active structures or precursors, although at the same time providing a systematic presentation of relevant data. Many pioneering works have been undertaken in the field of tailored metal catalysts since the early research on polymer-attached homogeneous metal complexes by the British Petroleum Company Ltd. and the Mobil Oil Corpora­ tion around 1969; transition metal complexes attached on polymers by Grubbs (1971), Heinemann (1971), Manassen (1971), Pittman (1971), Bursian et al. (1972), Kagan (1973), Bailar (1974); transition metal complexes attached on inorganic oxides by Allum et al. (1972), Ballard (1973), Candlin and Thomas (1974), Murrell (1974), Yermakov (1974); metal carbonyls/polymers by Moffat (1970); metal carbonyls/inorganic oxides by Parkyns (1965), Davie et al. (1969), Banks et al. (1969), Howe (1973), Burwell (1975); metal carbonyl clusters/ polymers by Colhnan (1972); metal carbonyl clusters/inorganic oxides by Robertson and Webb (1974), Anderson (1974), Smith et al. (1975).


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