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Istvánovits / Kulcsár


History and Archaeology of a Forgotten People

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Schnell & Steiner GmbH. ISBN 978-3-7954-3234-8

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The book's aim is to make a comprehensive introduction of the Sarmatians, the crucial people in the world of Iranian Language speaking nomads. The first part of the volume deals with the history and archaeology of these tribes starting from their emergence to the Hunnic invasion after which Iranian domination of the steppe belt was replaced by the power of Turkic nomads. Based on literary sources and archaeological material, the second part synthetises the history of the Sarmatians in the Carpathian Basin from the 1st to 5th century AD. A special emphasis is put on the steppe relations of the Alföld Sarmatians, innovations brought by new migration waves and, their impact on the autochthonous population. The third part is an outlook to the afterlife of the Sarmatians the traces of which stretch out from Britain to China.

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