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TAM Receptors in Health and Disease

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William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-821822-8

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TAM Receptors in Health and Disease, Volume 357 in the International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, reviews the role of TAM receptors in health and diseases. Chapters in this new release include TAM receptors and its Role in Efferocytosis: Clearance of Dead Cells, TAM family receptors and their ligands: Role in thrombosis, TAM receptors and its ligand mediated activation: Role in Atherosclerosis, Post-translational modifications of the Ligands: Requirement for TAM receptor activation, Immunogenic role of TAM receptors in the cancer microenvironment: Implications in cancer immunotherapy, TAM receptors: A Phosphatidylserine Receptor family and its implications in Viral infections, and much more.

- Provides a comprehensive collection of articles on the relatively late evolved and highly conserved TAM receptor tyrosine kinase family
- Describes TAM receptor biology in great details
- Presents invited, timely review articles authored by well-established TAM receptor biologists

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