Ankündigung Erscheint vsl. Januar 2021 Abbildung von Inagawa Cemetery Chapel and Vistor Centre designed by David Chipperfield | 1. Auflage | 2021 |

Inagawa Cemetery Chapel and Vistor Centre designed by David Chipperfield

Jetzt vorbestellen! Wir liefern bei Erscheinen (Erscheint vsl. Januar 2021)

Buch. Hardcover


140 S.

In englischer und japanischer Sprache

König, Walther. ISBN 978-3-96098-890-8


This book presents David Chipperfield's new architectural work realized in Japan, a contemporary place for prayer. The primary material will be photography: Keiko Sasaoka's work documents the architecture, which is in constant dialogue with the surrounding landscape of Inagawa, over four alternating seasons. Her camera conveys the visitor's experience of the architecture in time and space, rather than an objectified image of a static piece of work. The photographic journey of the Chapel and the Visitor Centre will be followed by an essay written by the architect and stories behind the scene: the parallel processes of collaborations with client, with constructors and engineers, and designers for the exceptional gardens or handmade screens. The buildings are as much the outcome of innovative architectural thinking with deference to the Japanese sensitivity as a technical breakthrough for construction. Text: David Chipperfield Photographs: Keiko Sasaoka Conversation among David Chipperfield, Hideyuki Osawa,Thomas Struth

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