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Impact of Digital Twins in Smart Cities Development

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325 S.

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IGI Global. ISBN 978-1-66843-833-6

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Recently, a new digital twin consortium has been established that aims to deploy digital twin technology in new markets as well as in the development of smart cities. Designing smart cities, smart communities, and smart ecosystems powered by optimal digital twin deployments is a vision that currently only futurists can entertain and requires some time to reach large-scale adoption. However, it is incumbent upon us as a society to educate and train future generations on how to leverage digital twin technologies in order to optimize our daily lives as well as increase our efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Impact of Digital Twins in Smart Cities Development provides insights regarding the global landscape for current digital twin research and deployments and highlights some of the challenges and opportunities faced during large-scale adoptions. Critical domains such as ethics, data governance, cybersecurity, inclusion, diversity, and sustainability are also addressed and considered. Covering topics such as digital identity and digital economics, this reference work is ideal for urban planners, engineers, policymakers, industry leaders, scientists, economists, academicians, practitioners, researchers, instructors, and students.

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