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ICT Tools and Applications for Accessible Tourism

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IGI Global. ISBN 978-1-79986-428-8

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The contribution of tourism to create an inclusive society requires the adoption of new approaches and strategies that promote the accessibility of tourism destinations, allowing all people, regardless of their health condition, to enjoy tourism experiences. To accomplish this objective, it is of utmost relevance to promote the active involvement of all stakeholders of the tourism system (demand, supply, government entities, and educational institutions) in the creation of accessible and adapted tourism products. However, the scarce literature in this area suggests that the people working in the tourism industry are not usually aware of several needs and travel constraints of persons with disabilities and that the information delivered by traditional information sources to this market is frequently inadequate, inaccurate, or incomplete. Therefore, the information and communication technologies (ICTs) may have a crucial role to overcome the several travel constraints that these people face to plan and carry out a tourism trip as well as to enable supply agents to develop accessible tourism products. Despite this, although in recent years research regarding accessible tourism has increased, the number of studies on the contributions of ICTs for the development of accessible research is scarce.

ICT Tools and Applications for Accessible Tourism provides theoretical and practical contributions for accessible tourism in the growing tourism market for social responsibility issues and as an excellent business opportunity. Chapters within this critical reference source cover the academic discussion of global accessible tourism, increased knowledge of disabilities, ICTs that can be used, and emerging technologies. This book is intended for all practitioners in the tourism industry along with IT specialists, government officials, policymakers, marketers, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in the latest tools, technologies, and research on accessible tourism.

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