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How Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policies Sustain Hybrid Regimes

Strategies of Political Domination under Ukraine's Presidents in 1994-2014

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Leaders of hybrid regimes in pursuit of political domination and material gain instrumentalize both hidden forms of corruption and public anti-corruption policies. Corruption is pursued for different purposes including cooperation with strategic partners and exclusion of opponents. Presidents use anti-corruption policies to legitimize and institutionalize political domination. Corrupt practices and anti-corruption policies become two sides of the same coin and are exercised to maintain an uneven political playing field.

This study combines empirical analysis and social constructivism for an investigation into the presidencies of Leonid Kuchma (1994-2005), Viktor Yushchenko (2005-2010), and Viktor Yanukovych (2010-2014). Explorative expert interviews, press surveys, content analysis of presidential speeches, as well as critical assessment of anti-corruption legislation are used for comparison and process tracing of the utilization of corruption under three Ukrainian presidents.

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