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Intercultural Communicative Competence - A Floating Signifier

Assessing Models in the Study Abroad Context

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Buch. Softcover


344 S.

In englischer Sprache

Peter Lang. ISBN 978-1-78997-243-6

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In the field of language education, intercultural communicative competence has become a widely used concept. But what is intercultural communicative competence? Although the term is often understood as universally applicable, it comes with manifold nuances. The ambiguity ranges from underlying definitions to corresponding competences, forms of assessment and their operationalisation. Furthermore, an empirical foundation for models of intercultural competence is scarce.

This book presents the findings of a qualitative research study on the views of language students, and critically analyses the speculative components of intercultural communicative competence regarding their feasibility in the study abroad context. It is argued that the notion represents a contingent and hegemonial interpretive scheme (Deutungsmuster), a floating signifier, which needs to be amended for particular circumstances. The critical reflection on intercultural competence in the light of real-life examples may serve as an incentive for an alternative approach to intercultural competence in foreign language teaching and contribute valuable information to the preparation of training sessions before a stay abroad.

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