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Housley / Beutler

Treating Victims of Mass Disaster and Terrorism

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2006. Buch. VII, 78 S. Softcover

Hogrefe & Huber. ISBN 978-0-88937-321-1

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The mental health effects of disasters and terror events can be severe, and are most effectively characterized as differing stress reactions with psychological consequences. Empirical studies show that addressing these consequences requires a staged approach to care.

This volume, written by leading experts, provides professionals with practical, evidence-based guidance on diagnosis and treatment following disaster and terrorist events - and does so in a uniquely "reader-friendly" manner. It is both a compact "how-to" reference, for use by professional clinicians, as well as an ideal educational resource for students and professionals and for practice-oriented continuing education.

The unique feature of the book is that it outlines a staged approach for post-disaster mental health care, based on empirically supported principles of treatments that work. Practical and reader-friendly, it is a compact and easy-to-follow guide covering all aspects that are relevant in real-life.

Table of Contents
1 Description: Terminology - Definition, Epidemiology, and Co-Morbidity - Risk Factors, Course, and Prognosis - Differential Diagnosis and Co-Morbidity (PTSD, Acute Stress Disorder,Other Anxiety Disorders, Major Depressive Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Substance Related Disorders), Diagnostic Procedures (Introduction to Principle-Driven Treatment and Assessment - Assessment Stage #1-3)
2 Theories and Models of Empirically Supported Treatment: Learning/Cognitive Models of Post-Trauma Response - Conservation of Resources Model - Identifying Research-Based TreatmentMethods
3 Applying Research-Based Principles to Treatment
4Applying the 3-Stage Model of Principle-Driven Treatment for Early Intervention Following Mass Casualty Events: Methods of Treatment (Stage 1 = Immediate Support, Stage 2 = Intermediate Support, Stage 3 = Ongoing Treatment - Interventions for Internalizing Victims - Interventions for Externalizing Victims) - Mechanisms of Action - Efficacy and Prognosis - Integrating Treatment: Variations and Combinations of Methods - Challenges in Carrying out the Treatments
5 Additional Tools for Responders
6Case Vignettes
7 Further Reading
9Appendix: Tools and Resources (Tips for Creating Handouts, Coping Tools Handout, Helpful Information Handout, Potential Psychoeducation Topics,Tools Associated with Each Stage)


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