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Homotopy Methods in Algebraic Topology

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2001. Buch. Softcover

American Mathematical Society. ISBN 978-0-8218-2621-8

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This volume presents the proceedings from the AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Research Conference on Homotopy Methods in Algebraic Topology held at the University of Colorado.The conference coincided with the sixtieth birthday of J. Peter May. An article is included reflecting his wide-ranging and influential contributions to the subject area. Other articles in the book discuss the Adams $E 2$ term for elliptic cohomology, mapping class groups and function spaces, rational SO(3) equivariant cohomology theories, toral groups and classifying spaces of $p$-compact groups, dual calculus for functors to spectra, flatness for the $E {\infty}$ tensor product, and further related areas. The book offers a true comprehensive source on modern aspects of homotopy theoretic methods exported to algebraic settings.


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