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Hofmann / Maucher / Piesker

Ways Out of the Working Capital Trap

Empowering Self-Financing Growth Through Modern Supply Management

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2013. Buch. x, 94 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-26765-9

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Especially in times of an economic boom following a crisis, companies have to deal with the phenomenon of the "working capital trap," which signifies a company's increasing need for financial liquidity in times of hindered access to debt capital, caused by the increasingly restrictive credit approval processes of financial institutions. As a consequence of cost savings, this situation is often reinforced by a low level of inventory. This book takes up the problem and shows ways of escaping the "trap" by identifying and strengthening in-house financing potential. First, different operating ratios will be introduced. These refer to the amount of capital committed to the flow of goods and to the amount of in-house financing possible. Subsequently, methods for consolidating in-house financing that are affected by procurement processes will be presented from the company's and the supply chain's perspective. From a company's perspective, the methods for consolidating the amount of in-house financing over the following topics: •             The Management of Payment Terms •             Inventory Management •             Product Group and Supplier Management From the supply chain's perspective, the following methods for extending the possible amount of in-house financing will be discussed: •             Finance-Oriented Supply Chain Sourcing •             Supply Chain-Oriented Supplier Financing •             Collaborative Cash-to-Cash Management •             Collaborative Cash Pooling and Netting •             Supply Chain Financing Platforms The conceptual models will be clarified using a practical example from the automobile industry. Finally, the "Procurement Value Added" (PVA©) approach will be presented, a concept that measures the contribution of procurement to the company's success.


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