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Technolife 2035

How Will Technology Change Our Future?

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-7460-1


Technology evolves, usually slowly and insidiously—but always just as surely. Things that are now being developed in laboratories will be in our midst as different products and applications perhaps as soon as in a few years’ time, and as more refined versions in ten years’ time

This book deals with the future of technology and how new technologies may influence our lives within the next twenty years. The book has been divided into three parts. In the first part, we go into technological development and the forces and counter-forces related to it. We also review how to forecast technology, what kinds of parties make these forecasts and what kind of forecasts have been made for the following decades. The second part of the book reviews different areas of technology and trends related to them. We will review current studies which may have concrete results in our lives in a few decades, for example in the fields of energy, biotechnology, materials and robotics

The third part of the book introduces the writers’ visions of how technology may develop by 2035. In the third part, we present three different scenarios, or future worlds. These will demonstrate where technological development can take us. The scenarios are introduced through two main characters, Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare's novel, in year 2035. Even though the technology around us changes, the writers believe that even years into the future, the significance of human relations will remain the greatest influence on our lives.

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