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Galápagos Marine Iguanas

The Imps of Darkness

Buch. Hardcover


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Books on Demand. ISBN 978-3-7494-8407-2

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The present photos were taken over a period of six years and are a tribute to the marine iguanas of the Galápagos. Due to the isolated location of the Islands, a unique flora and fauna could develop over a period of several million years. Although the largest part of the Galápagos Islands is a nature reserve, the pressure increases in the animal world as a result of a growing population, ecological indiscriminate human action, due to the influence of ever-growing tourism, environmental disasters and climate change. The danger is great that the fragile ecosystems are seriously damaged or even partially destroyed and the often re-occurring climate phenomenon, El Niño, which weighs heavily on the wildlife of the Galápagos Islands and in particular the marine iguanas. The book is a short photographic journey through the world of these fascinating sea lizards that are found and can survive only on the Galápagos Islands.


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