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Hesse / Tiselius / Siener

Urinary Stones

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Recurrence Foreword by H.E. Williams (Davis, Calif.).

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3rd, revised and enlarged edition 2009. Buch. 232 S. Softcover

S. Karger. ISBN 978-3-8055-9149-2

Format (B x L): 21,5 x 20 cm

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A Karger 'Publishing Highlights 1890–2015' title Although methods of urinary stone removal are becoming evermore effective, the prevalence of urolithiasis is continuously increasing. Epidemiological studies show that 5-10% of the population suffer from urinary stones. Stone removal alone is not a curative measure. Depending on the stone composition, a recurrence rate of 60-100% must be expected. Hence, analysis of the stone material and basic diagnosis of the metabolic origins of urolithiasis are imperative, as well as consistent recurrence prevention in high-risk patients. This revised and updated handbook meets these requirements. It is designed to assist clinicians and healthcare professionals by guiding them through the appropriate diagnostic examinations and the development of effective and safe plans for treatment and prevention. It takes the newest international and European guidelines for urinary stone therapy into account, and includes the latest findings in clinical and laboratory diagnosis, dietary therapy and medication. Furthermore, it offers specific solutions for the treatment of children. Its clear organization makes it a valuable and indispensable reference book, especially for urologists, nephrologists and pediatricians.


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