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Paradoxien der sexuellen Liberalisierung

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Taschenbuch. Softcover


48 S.

Wallstein. ISBN 978-3-8353-1262-3

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Hirschfeld-Lectures; 1


What can we learn, indeed what must we learn from the complicated bequest of the sexual rights activists Magnus Hirschfeld and Johanna Elberskirchen?
What aspects of the teachings of the Jewish, left-wing and feminist sexual reformers of the Weimar era did the National Socialists appropriate? Which ideas did they refuse to acknowledge, or aggressively reject? How did homophobia change during the course of the Third Reich and what was passed on to the post-war era? Dagmar Herzog investigates the paradoxes of sexual liberation in the 20th century and analyses the entanglements and ambivalences which continue to trouble us in the present day.

The new series of lectures and publications »Hirschfeld Lectures« considers itself a driving force behind the portrayal of historical contexts and contemporary questions surrounding the persecution, discrimination and daily life of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual and intersexual people (LGBT).

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