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Herrmann / Yoder / Gruneberg

Applied Cognitive Psychology

A Textbook

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2006. Buch. 312 S. Hardcover

CRC Press. ISBN 978-0-8058-3372-0

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The field of applied cognitive psychology represents a new emphasis within cognitive psychology. Although interesting applied research has been published over the last several decades, and more frequently in the last dozen years, this is the first comprehensive book written about the progress in this new applied area. This text presents the theory and methodology of cognitive psychology that may be applied to problems of the real world and describes the current range of cognitive applications to real-world situations.In addition, Applied Cognitive Psychology:*identifies the rudimentary principles of basic theory (e.g., perception, comprehension, learning, retention, remembering, reasoning, problem solving, and communication) that lend themselves to application;*examines a range of cognitive products and services;*begins with an explanation of the differences between basic and applied science, especially in cognitive psychology across discipline areas;*is the first cognitive text to familiarize students with the institutional and social factors that affect communication between basic and applied researchers and, therefore, determine the success of application efforts;*presents applications important to many problems in society and demonstrates the value of basic research in leading to these important applications; and*cites a substantial number of references to help readers who want to apply cognitive psychology to do so.The text is intended to be used by students who are concurrently studying cognitive psychology or applied cognitive psychology. It could be used with graduate students as well as with undergraduates.


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