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Improving Future(s)

Youth Imagery as Representations of the Political Cultures in Sweden and Poland

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Societies build images in order to defi ne membership, to communicate values and norms,
to appoint scopes of action and in order to place themselves in the interrelation between
history, presence and future. Images of youth are a projection screen which portrays the
desirable future development of a society and political culture.
The thesis explores youth images of two societies before and amid a period of social
change. Until 1989 Sweden and Poland represented two very different social systems, with
distinct historical ties, present conditions and visionary goals. Those are reconstructed and
analysed through the lense of the dominating youth images of both countries – on the basis
of documents as well as cultural works and expressions, which are embedded in the respective
courses of history.
Despite the different structures and conditions of their existence, the youth images of Poland
and Sweden and their related projections of future accomplish the same function.
Both ensure the continuation or renewal of their political cultures beyond the life span of
a generation.

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