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Hentrich / Pachmajer

d.quarks Playcards/Bookbundle (Buch und Kartenspiel)

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Buch. Hardcover


Buch und Kartenspiel

In englischer Sprache

Murmann Publishers. ISBN 978-3-86774-623-6

Format (B x L): 20.5 x 23.8 cm

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Particle accelerators for digital transformation. Just as quarks are the fundamental particles of matter, digital change in companies is built on certain fundamental "particles." We call them d.quarks. They represent the capabilities that companies need in order to design, enable, and deliver digital value creation. The description of each d.quark covers four dimensions: organization, people and skills, processes, and technologies. Carsten Hentrich and Michael Pachmajer have discovered the d.quarks, and this book in combination with a deck of cards provides their first extensive description in an integrated model. Using a series of real-life examples, the authors explain how companies should use the d.quarks to go digital. d.quarks help master digital change - in any type of company.

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