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Heary / Albert

Spinal Deformities

The Essentials

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261 S. 450 Illustrationen.

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Thieme Medical Publishers. ISBN 978-1-60406-411-7

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From imaging modalities, to anesthesia considerations, to intraoperative monitoring techniques, this introductory text presents a thorough overview of all key concepts for the accurate diagnosis and successful treatment of spinal deformity. The authors cover the principles of sagittal and coronal balance and address the role of flexible versus fixed deformity in treatment planning. Straightforward explanations of the etiology, pathogenesis, radiologic and clinical findings, differential diagnosis, and both surgical and nonoperative treatment options for each disorder provide the reader with the information necessary for handling each clinical situation with confidence.


More than 400 drawings, radiographs, and photographs demonstrate pathology of spinal deformities and the techniques to address them
Coverage of possible anatomical variations of the deformed spine prepares the clinician for managing complex cases
Discussion of general medical issues including pain management through medication, the potential for postoperative pulmonary complications, and how to manage metabolic bone disorders
A review of the latest technological advances using image guidance and robotics in deformity surgery
Descriptions of bracing and casting techniques, with a brief literature review on outcomes

Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts, this book is invaluable for all beginning and experienced neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, residents and fellows in those specialties, and allied health professionals requiring a comprehensive reference and review.

Cover Art Illustrator: Chadi Tannoury, M.D.

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