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The First Century of Experimental Psychology

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1. Auflage. 2019

724 S.

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Taylor & Francis Ltd.. ISBN 978-1-00-076683-7


This volume, originally published in 1979, sponsored by the Psychonomic Society (the North American association of research psychologists), commemorates the centennial of experimental psychology as a separate discipline - dated from the opening of Wilhelm Wundt's laboratory at Leipzig in 1879. Each major research area is surveyed by distinguished experts, and the chapters treat historical background and progress, experimental findings and methods, critical theoretical issues, evaluations of the current state of the art, future prospects, and even practical and social relevance of the work. Writing in a lively style suitable for non-specialists, the authors provide a general introduction to the history of experimental psychology. Illustrated by many photographs of leading historical figures, this book blends history with methodology, findings with theory, and discussion of specific topics with integrated assessments of what has truly been accomplished in the first hundred years of experimental psychology.


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