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Hamidovi? / Thromas / Silvestrini

"Retribution" in Jewish and Christian Writings

A Concept in Debate

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ISBN 978-3-16-154721-8

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The authors of this volume attempt to define the concept of retribution by looking beyond its diversity in Jewish and Christian writings, and seeking the common objects and components that govern it in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, as well as Greek, Islamic and Buddhist texts. They argue that the concept should not be seen as a set of ideas acquired and accepted, but rather as an on-going process. The epistemological current of the Begriffsgeschichte understands conceptualization as a continual process of contesting and questioning, rather than something fixed or final. Each study therefore explicitly examines the actors involved, their environments and receptions, and whether they were accepted, rejected, or modified as components of compensation. The associations made with concepts of wealth, poverty, power, their exchange, transfer, and instance are also taken into consideration.
Contributors:Hans Ausloos, David Bouvier, David Hamidovi´c, Nathan MacDonald, Moisés Mayordomo, Frédéric Richard, Matteo Silvestrini, Mathieu Terrier, Apolline Thromas


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