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Hake / Grünreich / Meng


Visualisierung raum-zeitlicher Informationen

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8. vollst. neu bearb. und erw. Aufl. 2001. Buch. XIII, 617 S. Softcover

De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-016404-6

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This introductory and accompanying textbook deals with the whole field of cartography. Both the current state and the development trends in cartography are presented. Taking up a prominent position in this updated edition is the cartographic visualization of spatiotemporal information in connection with geoinformation's meteoric development. Digital information and communication technologies have largely displaced classic cartographic production techniques and thus considerably altered the usage and acquisition of space-related information. This textbook offers an up-to-date systematic representation of: Theoretical basics of cartography Geoinformation systems Space-orientation in cartography and geoinformatics Cartographical modelling Techniques in cartographical visualization Topographical and subject-oriented information systems and maps Atlas cartography and includes an overview of the discipline's history and current position. The primary purpose of this book is as an introductory and accompanying teaching aid for students of cartography, geodesy, geoinformatics, geography, geosciences and town and country planning. At the same time, it is suitable for use in self-study and career development by anyone who is involved with space-oriented information.


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