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Part 3 Long Version Vocabulary and Text only black and white

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The practice of Vajrabhairava is a practice of the Supreme Yogatantra. The word Yoga means exercise and with Tantra is meant a tissue of different parts of practice that are recited and meditated continuously . That is, daily. When initial progress has been made, exercises are added, which take place through imaginations and breathing exercises. So this kind of tantra has nothing to do with common concepts of tantra, that focus on sexual practices. These are absolutely not to be found here.
You work exclusively mentally with ideas and images that have an impact on one 's own consciousness. They are intended to lead to a dissolution of your own attitudes of your mind from narrow ideas and lifestyle attitudes and then gradually develop breadth and flexibility.
This changes the view of oneself and others to the point where one no longer make a difference between yourself and others.
One acquires a different understanding of the term person.
You see yourself as a person, but person is experienced on its original pure basis.
The world of appearances is experienced as a manifestation of your own mind.
At the same time, one experiences freedom from all appearances and there is indestructible happiness present. The goal is to achieve a suffering-free and lasting state of consciousness, from which one works for others as a Buddha, when you have finished the path.

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