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Gurwitsch / Zaner

The Collected Works of Aron Gurwitsch (1901-1973)

Volume III: The Field of Consciousness: Theme, Thematic Field, and Margin

1st Edition. 2010. Buch. xxxvi, 556 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 9789048133451

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Phaenomenologica; 194


The French version of this book, Théorie du champ de la conscience (1957), appeared under the auspices of the International Phenomenological Society. This present version appears through the collaboration of the staff of the Duquesne Studies, Psychological Series. In writing this book, I wanted to make it a phenomenological study, not a book about phenomenology. The intention was to advance c- tain phenomenological problems rather than to present a survey of or a report on phenomenology. My point of view is that of the pheno- nologist at work, not of an observer of a methodology from without. While it appeared desirable to expound in a detailed manner some of Husserl’s notions and theories which have importance for phenomen- ogy as a whole, I have con?ned my treatment to those which have direct and immediate reference to the problems treated in this study. The manuscript of this book was completed in 1953 before the appe- ance of several volumes of Husserliana among which vol. VI, Die Krisis der Europäischen Wissenschaften und die transzendentale Phänomenologie (1954), and vol. IX, Phänomenologische Psychologie (1962), have particular bearing upon the problems dealt with in this book. Also the most recent presentation of Gestalt theory by W. Metzger, Psychologie (1st ed. 1940, 2nd ed. 1954) did not come to my attention before the completion of the manuscript.


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