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Ayurvedic Detox - A guide To Losing Toxins From The Body

Indian Ayurvedic Detox Method for Your Health

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By now most people have heard about Detoxing, either from a magazine, new article, blog or event through a friend. Yet the exact process and theory behind the practice is often neglected in the explanation. Why should someone detox? What benefits can come of it? How does someone detox?

This easy to understand guide clears the mystery and reveals the secrets behind this ancient therapy. In this book you will learn:

· What detoxification is - and what it isn't
· The history behind detoxification
· Ayurveda medicine and detoxification
· Who should undergo a detoxification diet
· Symptoms that detoxification can address or even resolve
· Different types of detoxification
· How to choose the right detoxification diet
· When the best time to detox is
· How to properly detox without undesirable side effects
· Simple and easy Detox Tips that you can apply to your life today
· Sample Diets
· Recipes for detox and greater health
· And much more

A properly applied Ayurveda Detoxification can benefit anyone. With this guide, you can start your journey to greater health today.


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