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Das neue Sexualstrafrecht

Eine systematische Darstellung für die Praxis.

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Reprint 2011 2005. Buch. XLVI, 403 S. Hardcover

De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-89949-223-1

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[Gössel: Sexual Criminal Law]
After the unusual multiple changes of recent times, the reform of the sexual criminal law appears to be essentially concluded with the SexÄndG [Sexual Amendment Act]. The new sexual criminal law is hereby presented for the first time in a systematic presentation that shall serve as orientation for practice and teaching. The penal provisions of the StGB [Criminal Code], the ProstG [Prostitution Law] and the TDG [Teleservice Law] are also printed with this presentation. A systematic presentation became necessary since the numerous changes to the sexual criminal law and its methods had become confusing. This led to practical problems, especially with regard to the interpretation of the individual statutory features, but also with regard to the differentiation of the various circumstances. The work has successfully managed to shed light on these problem areas and to develop practical solution proposals. The reprint of the official substantiations pertaining to the 33rd StrRÄndG [Criminal Law Amendment Act] and to the two latter reform laws - the 6th StRG [Penal Reform Act] and the SexÄndG - also serves this purpose. The brief outline of the legislative history offered in the introduction and the listing of the most important reform laws - but also the discussion of the individual circumstances respective to the prefixed concise history of their changes - serves for facilitation of the determination pertaining to the respective decision-making to be derived from the version of the law. The presentation at hand offers orientation and decision-making aids for all those who are concerned with questions pertaining to sexual criminal law in their daily practice. However, it is also addressed to teachers and students.


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