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Die Vergabepraxis des Gründungszuschusses

2013. Buch. 143 S. Softcover

W. Bertelsmann. ISBN 978-3-7639-4071-4

Format (B x L): 16,2 x 23,4 cm

Gewicht: 247 g

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: IAB-Bibliothek (Forschungsarbeiten); 342


Founding subsidies are the most important grant tool for setting up businesses to avoid unemployment. Whilst there are extensive evaluation studies relating to their political effects on the labour market, there are to date hardly any theory-based works exploring the granting of the subsidies in employment agencies.
This process is characterised by a high level insecurity, as the market success of business foundation is uncertain a priori. Empirically, it is shown that both the staff in employment agencies and the business founders perceive and design their roles in mediation conversations in very different ways.
In his qualitative study Grüttner considers the questions which patterns there are for the employment administration stakeholders involved in this insecure situation, which patterns lead to actions - and which difference it makes if the business foundation conversations are orientated stronger by one or the other pattern.


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