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Greifeneder / Gloster

Clinical and Social Psychology

Identifying Commonalities and Synergies to Advance Research and Practice

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Hogrefe Publishing GmbH. ISBN 978-0-88937-596-3

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A unique look at the state-of-the-art scientific bridges between the fields of clinical psychology and social psychology

Social interactions are a central component of humans' lives and mental health. Both clinical and social psychology are vibrant fields that address this central topic. However, the advances, contributions, and achievements of each field are often unknown in the other discipline. This volume takes a programmatic stance based on the assumption that there are many commonalities between the two disciplines worth highlighting and synergies to develop and build upon. Six contributions, authored by experts in the respective fields, look at the intersection of the two disciplines. The authors consider their subject matter from the perspective of both fields and discuss possible implications for clinical and social psychology. Themes explored include ostracism, the role of perceptions of treatment in clinical outcomes, rejection sensitivity in relationships, coping with experienced injustice, and the link between mimicry and lying, as well as a theoretical overview of synergies between the two fields. The articles are insightful, exciting, and synergistic.

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