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Greenwood / Humberstone / Robinson

Essential Mathematics Gold for the Australian Curriculum Year 8

2012. Buch. Softcover

Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-107-64383-3

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Essential Mathematics


Essential Mathematics Gold for the Australian Curriculum Year 8 provides a practical interpretation of the Australian Curriculum to help students meet the minimum requirements of the achievement standards. It focuses on consolidating core mathematical concepts and developing vital literacy and numeracy skills in a friendly and easy-to-follow layout.

- The three interconnected content strands are incorporated into 10-11 units of work that can be completed in the school year.
- Carefully chosen and assessed language, design and sentence structures engage students who struggle with maths and potentially with reading.
- Let's Start activities and Key Idea sections for every topic provide context and introduce core concepts.
- Examples show explanations alongside solutions, and are closely linked to carefully graded exercises, giving students the opportunity for immediate success and to work independently.
- Maths Words and Hint balloons reinforce the meaning of key terms and help students apply key concepts as they work through the exercises.
- Every question is grouped according to the proficiency strands of the Australian Curriculum with a particular emphasis placed on Understanding and Fluency to consolidate fundamental skills.
- Gold Star enrichment questions in each exercise allow enthusiastic students to challenge themselves.
- Important terms are defined within the text for immediate understanding and included in the glossary for reference and revision.
- Games and puzzles in every chapter give students a chance to have fun with mathematical ideas.
- Chapter reviews include summary mind maps of key concepts and lots of revision questions to test understanding.

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