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Grandal / Holtet

Dynamical and Chemical Coupling Between the Neutral and Ionized Atmosphere

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Spåtind, Norway, April 12–22,1977

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1977. Buch. xx, 392 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 9789027708403

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These proceedings are based upon the review lectures, the re­ search talks and the accompanying discussion from the NATO Advanced Study Institute on "The Dynamical and Chemical Coupling of the Neutral and Ionized Atmosphere" held at Spatind, Norway April 12-22, 1977. In recent years, in spite of the many subdivisions of atmospher­ ic physics it has become clear that a complete understanding of the subject matter requires an interdisciplinary effort of the scien­ tists working on a variety of atmospheric phenomena. This Advanced Study Institute was organized in order to meet this demand. A number of eminent scientists were invited to review the major subfields in atmospheric physics and expose the areas where the coupling between the neutral and ionized atmosphere is evident. These review papers were supported by current research results. However, the material covered here is by no means complete con­ sidering the range of subject matter covered by the title. The re­ sponsibility for this inadequacy lies with the editors and the pro­ gram committee, rather than with the individual contributors. Oslo, June 1977. B. Grandal J.A. Holtet. PARTICIPANTS Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics Arnold, F. P.O.Box 1248, D-0069 Heidelberg F.R.G. Bj ¢rn, L. Uppsala Ionospheric Observatory S-755 90 Uppsala Sweden The Institute for Mathematical and Physical Brekke, A.


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