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Gottfried / Bambini-Junior

Neuroimmunomodulation in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Special Topic Issue: Neuroimmunomodulation 2018, Vol. 25, No. 5-6

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S. Karger. ISBN 978-3-318-06490-2

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In this special issue, distinguished researchers discuss ‘immune subjects’ relevant to the pathophysiology and etiology of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions. The articles provide insight into neuroimmune alterations found in several psychiatric disorders, e.g. depression. Analyses of clinical findings linking perinatal infections and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are presented as are results related to immune alterations in one of the main models for the study of ASD, with a decrease in T cells in the lymph nodes. A comprehensive list of potential therapeutic interventions is presented in light of increasing frequency of immune alterations in patients with ASD. The articles in this issue address the interrelationships among neuroimmunomodulation, developmental, and psychiatric conditions. They highlight conceptual pitfalls and puzzling new and outstanding questions and directions for further research. The alternative approach presented in this publication will, hopefully, be insightful and exciting to all interested in neurology, immunology, and psychiatry.

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