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Marine Mussels: Ecology, Physiology, Genetics and Culture

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wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-29390-3


Marine Mussels: Ecology, Physiology, Genetics and Culture provides readers with in-depth, fully up-to-date information on all major aspects of marine mussels. Written by an internationally-renowned expert in the field, this authoritative volume addresses morphology, ecology, feeding, phylogeny and evolution, reproduction and larval development, settlement and recruitment, genetics, disease, management of culture systems, and more. The book encompasses many different species of marine mussels: genus Mytilus, other important commercial marine genera such as Perna, Aulacomya and Choromytilus, andnon-commercial genera including Modiolus, Geukensia, Brachidontes and hydrothermal vent Bathymodiolus. Comprising twelve extensively cross-referenced chapters, the book discusses a diversity of integrated topics that range from fundamental physiology of marine mussels to new techniques being applied in their biology and ecology. Author Elizabeth Gosling reviews contemporary developments and issues in the field such as the use of DNA genetic markers in detecting and diagnosing different strains of pathogenic bacteria, the use of mussels as monitors of marine contaminants, sophisticated modelling techniques that simulate disease and forecast outbreaks, and the impacts of global warming, ocean acidification, and hypoxia on marine mussels. Presenting an inclusive, highly detailed treatment of mussel biology, physiology, genetics, and culture. Marine Mussels: Ecology, Physiology, Genetics and Culture is essential reading for biological scientists, researchers, instructors, and advanced students in the fields of biology, ecology, aquaculture, environmental science, toxicology, genetics, pathology, taxonomy, and public health.

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