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Global Ecology

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2016. Buch. 480 S. Softcover

Elsevier Science & Technology. ISBN 978-0-444-63830-4

Format (B x L): 21 x 28 cm

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Global Ecology focuses on the perception of the biosphere or the ecosphere as a unified cooperative system with numerous synergistic effects, which describe the distinctive properties of this sphere. This book is subdivided into five parts dealing with diverse aspects in global ecology.

The first part of the book provides comprehensive description of the biosphere, including its unique characteristics and evolution. This part also describes various spheres in the biosphere, such as the hydrosphere, noosphere, and pedosphere as well as their composition. The next part focuses on the global cycles, including calcium, carbon, iron, microbial nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and water cycles. In addition, global balances and flows are explained. Presented in the third part are the results of the global cycles and flows as well as the patterns of the climatic factors and marine currents. There is also a part discussing the climate interactions, climatic changes, and its effect on the living organisms.

The book concludes by covering the application of stoichiometry in the biosphere and in ecosystems. The book offers a comprehensive view of global ecology and ecological stoichiometry, which will aid in the processes of global ecology.

- Provides an overview of the theory and application of global ecology
- International focus and range of ecosystems makes Global Ecology an indispensable resource to scientists
- Based on the bestselling Encyclopedia of Ecology
- Full-color figures and tables support the text and aid in understanding


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