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Gliese / Murray / Tucker

New Problems in Astrometry

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1974. Buch. 346 S. 4 s/w-Abbildungen, Bibliographien. Hardcover

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The IAU Symposium No. 61, New Problems in Astrometry, was held in Perth, Western Australia, from 13th to 17th August 1973, under the sponsorship of Com­ mission 8 (Positional Astronomy), 24 (Photographic Astrometry), 33 (Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic System) and 40 (Radio Astronomy). Considerable financial support was given by the Government of Western Australia. The scientific organising committee included Prof. Walter Fricke (Chairman), Prof. S. Vasilevskis (Vice­ Chairman), Dr W. Gliese and Mr C. A. Murray (Secretaries), Dr B. G. Clark, Mr B. Elsmore, Prof. S. W. McCuskey, Dr J. L. Schombert, Prof. R. H. Stoy, Dr K. Aa. Strand, Dr G. van Herk, Mr H. W. Wood and Prof. M. S. Zverev. The local orga­ nising committee included Mr B. J. Harris (Chairman), Mr P. V. Birch, Mr M. P. Candy, Mr D. N. Harwood, Dr I. Nikoloff and Dr S. E. Williams. The duties of chairmen of the sessions were performed by: B. L. Klock, W. Fricke, H. W. Wood, C. A. Anguita, C. M. Wade, B. Elsmore, B. J. Harris, J. Kovalevsky, S. Vasilevskis, G. van Herk, K. Aa. Strand and C. A. Murray. This volume contains the texts or abstracts of papers presented at the Symposium.


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