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Hydrodynamic stability theory

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2nd edition 1986. Buch. vii, 300 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 9789024731206

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The great number of varied approaches to hydrodynamic stability theory appear as a bulk of results whose classification and discussion are well-known in the literature. Several books deal with one aspect of this theory alone (e.g. the linear case, the influence of temperature and magnetic field, large classes of globally stable fluid motions etc.). The aim of this book is to provide a complete mathe­ matical treatment of hydrodynamic stability theory by combining the early results of engineers and applied mathematicians with the recent achievements of pure mathematicians. In order to ensure a more operational frame to this theory I have briefly outlined the main results concerning the stability of the simplest types of flow. I have attempted several definitions of the stability of fluid flows with due consideration of the connections between them. On the other hand, as the large number of initial and boundary value problems in hydrodynamic stability theory requires appropriate treat­ ments, most of this book is devoted to the main concepts and methods used in hydrodynamic stability theory. Open problems are expressed in both mathematical and physical terms.


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