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Gault / McClenaghan

Understanding Bioanalytical Chemistry

Principles and Applications

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1. Auflage 2009. Buch. 300 S. Hardcover

WILEY. ISBN 978-0-470-02906-0

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Although chemistry is core to the life and health sciences, it is often viewed as a challenging subject.

Conventional textbooks tend to present chemistry in a way that is not always easily accessible to students, particularly those coming from diverse educational backgrounds, who may not have formally studied chemistry before.

This prompted the authors to write this particular textbook, taking a new, fresh and innovative approach to teaching and learning of chemistry, focussing on bioanalysis to set knowledge in context. This textbook is primarily targeted to undergraduate life and health science students, but may be a useful resource for practising scientists in a range of disciplines.

In this textbook the authors have covered basic principles, terminology and core technologies, which include key modern experimental techniques and equipment used to analyse important biomolecules in diagnostic, industrial and research settings.

Written by two authors with a wealth of experience in teaching, research and academic enterprise, this textbook represents an invaluable tool for students and instructors across the diverse range of biological and health science courses.

* Innovative, stand alone teaching and learning resource to enhance delivery of undergraduate chemistry provision to life and health scientists.
* Develops student knowledge and understanding of core concepts with reference to relevant, real-life, examples.
* Clearly written and user-friendly, with numerous full colour illustrations, annotated images, diagrams and tables to enhance learning.
* Incorporates a modern approach to teaching and learning to motivate the reader and encourage student-centred learning.


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