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The Capitalist Philosophers

The Geniuses of Modern Business - Their Lives, Times, and Ideas

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2000. Buch. XIV, 384 S. Hardcover

wiley. ISBN 978-0-471-49247-4

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Andrea Gabor recounts the development of modern business through the lives, times and ideas of the great thinkers - people such as Peter Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, Alfred Sloan, Abraham Maslow - who defined the art and science of business.
The Capitalist Philosophers is an engaging introduction to the great core ideas of management, full of colourful stories and brilliant insights into why the business world is the way it is today. Andrea Gabor explores the ideas and personalities that have shaped not only twentieth century business, but that also have helped make the corporation a pivotal institution in society today, such as: McNamara's pioneering work in the use of quantitative methods to control the finances at Ford, techniques that, for better and for worse had such a great influence on American management following World War II.

The book traces the development of both scientific and humanistic tradition from the beginning of the century and follows the battle of ideologies on up to the present. By going back to the source, Gabor helps business people make smart, informed decisions about the future. One key premise of Capitalist Philosophers is that management is fundamentally about people, not technology. It is the story of how management has harnessed technology, force, persuasion and inspiration to get people to accomplish the goals of the organization. Almost every single one of the capitalist philosophers portrayed in this book had a significant impact on several major corporations with which they personally came in contact.


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