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Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Disease

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"Steven Frank provides us with a profound insight into the Darwinian evolutionary dynamics between parasite and host, told from an immunological slant. It is essential reading to understand why infections cause disease."--Robin A. Weiss, Fellow of the Royal Society, Wohl Virion Centre, University College London"This book is a real gem. Very readable, it is a teaching and research text that will be widely adopted at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It will also provide a wonderful source of ideas for researchers working on infectious diseases, population ecology, and evolutionary biology."--Roy Anderson, Fellow of the Royal Society, Imperial College, London"This is an extremely stimulating and hugely ambitious book. It distils key essentials from the ever increasing avalanche of largely undigested molecular and immunological data to answer important questions about the natural history of antigenic variation in an evolutionary context. Frank gives us the missing part of the field: what it all means. His synthesis cuts across large areas of modern biology and is just the sort of thing the field needs."--Andrew Read, University of Edinburgh

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