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Handbook of Chinese Management

1st ed. 2020 2019. eBook, eBook. 1200 S. PDF
Springer-Verlag GmbH ISBN 9789811024597
In englischer Sprache
This handbook explores the theme of managing inside China and consists of chapters that communicate the major managerial concepts within the context of Mainland China. Its key emphasis is to clearly highlight the differences in the art of managing in China vs. the West, while acknowledging that these differences may be narrowing as a result of globalization. Chapters in the book elaborate on how management is affected as China experiences rapid change while some aspects of Chinese culture remain unchanged and steeped in tradition. The book goes further in exploring this complexity by juxtaposing China's orientation towards interpersonal relations, or "guanxi", with the government's emphasis on law, which is now becoming more rule-based than before. Business & Management academics and practitioners will gain useful insight into Chinese management practices and their contrast to established Western ones when they use the Handbook of Chinese Management as a reference.
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