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Firestone / Baglin / Chu

Table of Isotopes

1999 Update

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8. Auflage 1999. Buch. VI, 218 S. Softcover

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Nuclear structure and decay data for thousands of isotopes and isomers - a new update of the definitive reference.
The 1999 Table of Isotopes booklet set features:

* Nuclear structure and radioactive decay data for approximately 3,700 isotopes and isomers - an increase of more than 100 since the 1998 Update.
* Up-to-date mass chain information, with more than 10% revised material.
* The latest versions as of December 1998 of the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) and Nuclear Science Reference (NSR) file.
* Additional data from several evaluation sources, including The Table of Superdeformed Nuclear Bands and Fission Isomers.
* Updated isotope summary table as well as energy-ordered gamma ray and alpha particle tables-now included on the software (available from the book's website at
* Updated appendices for elemental data, nuclear charts, and gamma ray energy standards.
* Adoption of the 1997 IUPAC recommended heavy element names.
* More than 25,000 references.
* Convenient links to additional atomic mass, nuclear astrophysics rates, spontaneous fission, thermal neutron capture, and more.
Plus, the Isotope Explorer 2.22 software lets you search the entire database by level scheme drawings, annotated tables, data plots, nuclear structure charts and keywords as well as download the latest data directly from the Table of Isotopes Web site.
The 1999 Update booklet features a new comprehensive isotope nuclear structure table. In addition, it provides clear, step-by-step instructions on navigating the Table of Isotopes electronic content and accessing its Web site.
System Requirements: PC, Macintosh(r), or UNIX(r) systems with double speed and sufficient RAM to run Adobe(TM) Acrobat(r) (see Adobe Acrobat Reader information in the book for specific system requirements). Included: Adobe Acrobat Reader(r) 3.02 for Windows(r) 95, 98, and NT and Linux 1.2.13 or higher; Acrobat Reader 3.01 for Windows 3.1; Isotope Explorer 2.22 for Windows 95, 98, and NT.


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