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Contemporary Chinese Societies

Continuity and Change

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CD. second edition 2007. Buch. Hardcover

Columbia University Press. ISBN 978-0-231-13982-3

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Contemporary Chinese Societies is a valuable resource for researchers, students, and businesspeople eager to learn about China. Especially useful for instructors, the CD-ROM can be customized for either an interdisciplinary or a more traditional approach to introducing students to Chinese society. Six primary themes address issues across several fields in the social sciences and humanities: unity of diversity; views of time and space; the individual and the collectivity; adapting to a changing world; shaping conformity and dissent; and political culture. The user can build a curriculum guided by either these themes or the standard fields of economics, politics, history, sociology, literature, anthropology, religion, education, and the visual and performing arts.

This second edition includes new video introductions for each unit; additional text on religion, economics, politics, and music; and an easier format for reading and copying material. Also, the editors have revamped the features that have made this CD such a popular choice, including new audio and video presentations; striking photographs, statistics, charts, graphs, and digitized and interactive maps; Web links; a searchable database; an expanded glossary; and a revised list of suggested readings.

Engaging, comprehensive, and easy to navigate, Contemporary Chinese Societies is an exciting way to discover China.


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