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Starch in Food

Structure, Function and Applications

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2004. Buch. 624 S. Hardcover

Woodhead Publishing. ISBN 978-1-85573-731-0

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Starch is both a major component of plant foods and an important ingredient for the food industry. Starch in food reviews starch structure and functionality and the growing range of starch ingredients used to improve the nutritional and sensory quality of food.

Part one illustrates how plant starch can be analysed and modified, with chapters on plant starch synthesis, starch bioengineering and starch-acting enzymes. Part two examines the sources of starch, from wheat and potato to rice, corn and tropical supplies. The third part of the book looks at starch as an ingredient and how it is used in the food industry. There are chapters on modified starches and the stability of frozen foods, starch-lipid interactions and starch-based microencapsulation. Part four covers starch as a functional food, investigating the impact of starch on physical and mental performance, detecting nutritional starch fractions and analysing starch digestion.

Starch in food is a standard reference book for those working in the food industry.

- Reviews starch structure and functionality
- Extensive coverage of the growing range of starch ingredients
- Examines how starch ingredients are used to improve the nutritional and sensory quality of food


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