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The Energy-based Realms

Volume 3: beings of the elements

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: The Energy-based Realms


Truth in and of itself is independent of written or spoken words. It is independent of the competence of the teacher or author confirmed by others. Truth is also independent of any professional opinions or technical expertise. And so, it is no different on the energy-based level than you know it from the material-based dimension; not everything you read or hear is true. On the contrary. Whatever you read, hear or even perceive based on energy, should be checked accordingly. By yourself. Ideally.
Yet, if you are currently experiencing a personal increase in frequency and thereby (also) increasingly grasp in an energy-based manner, it is very worthwhile not only to deal with the topic of "truth or reality (s)", but also with the energy-based level and thus to consciously deal with the aspect of energy-based perception.

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